Grassroots football dispute rumbles on!

Cork schoolboy league publicly support clubs, calling on Fai to ensure ‘natural justice’ for all.

The cork schoolboy league (CSL)has rallied to support the 11 teams who have chosen to withdraw from this seasons SFAI cup competitions.
The Cork clubs have chosen to withdraw after it was revealed that the DDSL had seeded their section contrary to SFAI rules when they belatedly entered the competition after their initial refusal to participate in the U12-U16 knockout competition.
The SFAI had originally held the draw for the last 32 but had included 4 byes. The Fai instructed the the SFAI to redraw including 4 slots for DDSL teams. ( still with me?!)
The statement from the CSL offers and I quote ” it’s unequivocal support for the stance taken by 11 of its member clubs in the face of the biased and unjust manipulation of this year SFAI National Cup competition.”
The CSL statement adds:” The management committee commends all 11 clubs for their courage and resolve.Withdrawing teams from such prestigious competitions is a tough decision
And involves considerable sacrifice for players, coaches and parents.
It is to the credit of all involved that the clubs remained steadfast and took such a principled stand on such an important issue.”
Written by Eddie Doyle , honorary Secretary of the Cork Schoolboy League, the letter adds:” Every child affiliated to the SFAI deserves to play in competitions where the rules are applied evenly and fairly. This opportunity has not been offered to the players of 31 leagues and natural justice demands that this situation be redressed.”
” The CSL calls upon the Fai to revisit this issue as a matter of urgency. It is not to late to restore the authority of the SFAI rule book and have these important competitions played off in a fair and sporting manner”
Eddie Doyle points out that he has also written to Fai CEO John Delaney on behalf of the management committee of the CSL and they now await his response with his observations on the SFAI National cups.

My own footnote to this would be do you really want to win a Sfai cup competition knowing that the strongest DDSL team are absent?

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