What’s the German word for Tiki-taka?

There are many things that JOE would like to accomplish with the remainder of our lives like climbing Mount Everest, drinking a beer from every country in the world or marrying Jennifer Lawrence.

All in good time we say but one of our main life goals is to get Pep Guardiola and Sam Allardyce in the same room and hear what the two lads have to say to each other about football.

We think it would be hilarious because one of these men is a wildly successful world famous coach whose ideas have helped revolutionise the beautiful game with his belief that possession and movement is key to winning any football match.

The other is obviously Pep Guardiola.

Pep’s Bayern Munich team were at their ruthless best in their 4-0 win against newly promoted Paderborn as Robert Lewandowski opened his account for the German champions in sublime fashion.

Bayern were also totally dominant in possession as seen by this passing map. Wow.

bayern passing map

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