………but first a little history lesson.

Howth Celtic Afc has provided athletic recreation for thousands of men, women, boys and girls since our foundation in 1962. The club is a respected member of the Dublin junior, Schoolboys and women’s football leagues. In 1962 the club played out of Deer park (howth castle grounds) but in 1991 as part of a four phase development plan, the club purchased its own grounds on Carrickbrack Road in Sutton, now known as Celtic park.

The Second phase saw the club develop this property in to a playing surface with fencing, lighting, interim changing rooms which we funded through the generous donations of our community.

The Third phase was the construction of a permanent club house containing four dressing rooms with showers, a room for match officials, machinery store and committee room. The club received €70,000 from The Lottery. The balance was again met through donations from the community.

Current Activity: The club has been growing in recent years with a heavy influx of children from the four primary schools joining our underage teams. We currently have over 300 registered players with 80% of them playing under the age of 17. Some of our underage players are now representing their league in tournaments across Ireland and The UK. We now have representation in the DDSL, NDSL, AUL and AFL.

Proposed development: we are always on the lookout to develop our facilities to enhance the development of our players and coaches. With this in mind we completed phase four of our development plan which was the installation of an all-weather training surface. This has had the dual effect of allowing teams to train pretty much year round and create a source of revenue of the club.

Other proposed developments include:
• A small weight room attached to existing structure
• A sprint pit, 4x 10 metre lanes with rising gradient
• Shop removed from clubhouse and erected independently at entrance
• With revenues raised from shop and all weather rental it would be possible to hire a fulltime club coach making club more attractive to new members, increased membership=increased revenue ,increased revenue=better and creative facilities.
The Fund Raising Goal, the club is looking to raise over €120,000 to complete the all-weather surface.

This is where we are at today, if you are in a position to donate or wish to advertise on our website or football pitches contact us at howth-celtic@hotmail.com.

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